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The site JustPhysics belongs to the physicist Atreides Giorgos.
It is an attempt that was made ​​​​with care and great effort on the subject of natural sciences. Certainly the natural sciences include a wide variety of specialized directions and is very difficult one to deal with everything.
Personally I have given attention to the website, on general physics and physics in particular I have worked so far.

In general the website includes the following.

  • Physics news involving all directions.
  • Several publications.

  • Images of the physical field and the environment.

  • Navigation in physics for children.

  • Physics for high school students.

  • Various jobs and information in astroparticle physics.

  • Useful physics simulations.

  • Interesting links.

the improvement of the website needs the ideas and the participation of many people.
I expect your proposals, comments and ideas here.


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